Pasta Art in Valchiavenna:
each pasta is a family masterpiece

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Pizzoccheri della Valtellina P.G.I.

Pizzoccheri della Valtellina P.G.I.

Originating from Valtellina in the Sondrio Province, they are made with whole buckwheat flour. Cooked following the traditional recipe, they are the most famous typical dish of Valtellinese cuisine. This product boasts particular properties derived from the presence of buckwheat and is a source of important fibers for our diet.

From the land to the table, respect comes in recyclable cardboard packaging.

Our Pizzoccheri, a symbol of Valtellina's gastronomy, not only delight the palate with their traditional recipe and the benefits of buckwheat but also represent a gesture of love towards the planet, thanks to the use of recyclable cardboard packaging. Choose taste, choose sustainability.

Buckwheat Pasta

Buckwheat Pasta

Buckwheat: a treasure of health and flavor

Buckwheat, a fundamental ingredient in the production of Valtellina Pizzoccheri P.G.I., buckwheat pasta, and our polenta taragna, is a true nutritional treasure, is increasingly being appreciated as a healthy food. Despite its name, buckwheat is not a cereal but the seed of a flowering plant, belonging to the same family as rhubarb.

Originally from China, it has spread throughout Europe, especially in the Alpine valleys such as Valtellina, becoming a key ingredient in local cuisine.

This pasta boasts special properties derived from the presence of buckwheat and is a source of fibers important for our diet.

Legume Pasta

Legume Pasta


A mix of red lentils and buckwheat, processed into grains, suitable for athletes, vegetarians, and vegans. Rich in proteins and a source of dietary fibers: the proteins from red lentils combined with buckwheat fiber helps maintain muscle mass. Ideal for cold dishes, salads, soups, or as a tasty side dish. Naturally gluten-free product.

Rye Pasta

Rye Pasta

Natural Excellence: Rye

At the Chiavenna Pasta Factory, selecting raw materials is an art we practice with passion and dedication. Among these, rye holds a place of honor, representing not just a healthy choice but also a tribute to agricultural diversity and Valtellinese tradition.

Rye, with its rich and slightly spiced taste, is a grain that has deep roots in the agricultural history of Valtellina. Its flour, integrated into our production processes, gives the pasta a distinctive texture and flavor that reflects the genuineness of the territory.

Our rye pasta is a source of fibers and has a characteristic and unmistakable flavor. For the creation of our pasta, we have selected the best rye flour from both a nutritional and quality standpoint.



Tradition and innovation at the heart of your table

Discover the secret of the most authentic dishes with our buckwheat and corn flours, ideal for cooking typical dishes of Valtellina's culture such as Pizzoccheri della Valtellina PGI and tasty polenta taragna. But that's not all, buckwheat flour is perfect for preparing delicious homemade desserts such as buckwheat cake filled with seasonal jam or pancakes for tasty breakfasts or desserts.

A high quality that transforms every recipe, sweet or savory, into an unforgettable tasting experience.

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