Over 150 Years of Flavor: Tradition and Innovation on the Plate

Mappa di Chiavenna

The Journey Through Time of the Pastificio di Chiavenna

In the heart of Chiavenna, the Pastificio di Chiavenna began its glorious journey in 1868, initially as a Mill and Pasta Factory. This culinary excellence, driven by the passion and experience of the Moro family, has spanned five generations, becoming a symbol of tradition and innovation. In the tumultuous 1960s, the factory moved to a modern facility on the city outskirts, continuing to pass down the art of quality pasta making.

Throughout its extraordinary evolution, the Pastificio di Chiavenna has established itself as a European leader in the production of Pizzoccheri della Valtellina PGI, which since 2016 have been awarded the prestigious PGI label. This excellence extends to a variety of pastas made using buckwheat and rye, fundamental elements of our culinary identity. Moreover, our Pasta Factory stands out as a leader in the production of dietary and children's pasta, collaborating with renowned international brands.

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A historic company. Moro Pasta: its historic legacy at the heart of Italian tradition.

Prestigious Recognition for a Company of Excellence

The Pastificio di Chiavenna, a landmark in the world of Italian pasta, has recently achieved an exceptional milestone by receiving the coveted designation as a historic company. This recognition, issued directly by the Chambers of Commerce, honors businesses that have been able to pass down through the generations an invaluable heritage of entrepreneurial skills and values.

Five Generations of Excellence and Innovation

Founded in 1868, the Pastificio di Chiavenna has navigated through five generations, maintaining an unwavering passion for the production of high-quality dry pasta. In over a century and a half, it has become a beacon in the industry thanks to its unique ability to innovate a traditional product like pasta.
The Pasta Factory has succeeded in revisiting and rediscovering historical ingredients, with a particular emphasis on products such as Pizzoccheri della Valtellina PGI, buckwheat pasta, black buckwheat flour ideal for preparing desserts and first courses, and for our tasty polenta taragna, as well as rye and legumes, all pillars of its culinary offering.

The Meaning of the Certification

The Register of Historic Enterprises is not just an organization, but a guardian of tradition and entrepreneurial success. Obtaining the certificate of registration from the register is the result of a careful evaluation by experts who consider various aspects: historicity, generational continuity, innovation while respecting traditions, and the contribution to the territory.

A Seal of Quality and Tradition

The Certification under the Register of Historic Enterprises not only grants the Pastificio di Chiavenna undeniable prestige but also represents a tangible sign of the superior quality and respect for tradition that characterizes it. For consumers, the historic Moro brand is a guarantee of trust and safety in purchasing a product that embodies the excellence of Italian pasta.

The Pastificio di Chiavenna welcomes this honor with pride, aware of its role as the custodian of a culinary heritage that continues to delight palates in Italy and around the world.


The Pastificio di Chiavenna Today

Tradition, health, and innovation

At the Pastificio di Chiavenna, passion for tradition and innovation merge with a commitment to health. Every selection of durum wheat, whole buckwheat, and rye is designed to create pastas that are not only nutritious and a source of fiber but also surprisingly tasty. Our recipes, which enhance the unique and ancient flavor of buckwheat, bring a touch of originality and novelty to the table.

Our commitment to producing dietary and children's pasta, in collaboration with international industry leaders, reflects our constant attention to the health and well-being of consumers. The Pastificio di Chiavenna today represents the perfect alliance between loyalty to traditional values and innovation looking to the future.

Attention to health and the environment has always been a priority to us: we have received authorization from the Ministry of Health for the production of dietary pastas. Today, with 70 dedicated employees, we produce 10 million kg of pasta per year, 40% of which for export, and a turnover of 23 million euros, thanks also to the use of certified green energy from our hydroelectric plants in Valtellina.